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Free Shipping Car Window Solar Tint Film
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Score:199  (Score change Discount Voucher)
Weight:8.00 kg.
1.52x30M 5FTx40FT
HA-1 Transmittance 76
HA-2 Transmittance 73
A-3 Transmittance 73
HA-4 Transmittance 76
HA-16 Transmittance 32
HA-26 Transmittance 29
HA-36 Transmittance 26
HA-56 Transmittance 46
HA-66 Transmittance 42
HA-76 Transmittance 22
HA-86 Transmittance 21
HA-96 Transmittance 18
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About shipping: Total amount is over 50USD, shipping time: 7-10 days.
Total amount less than 50USD, shipping time: 15-45 days.
Product Details
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Product Characteristic:

1. High Quality PET Film 
2. Visible Light Transmission:4%-70% 
3. High Heat Rejection:13%-98% 
4. Uvioresistant:99%
5. Size: 1.52x12M, 1.52x30M, 1.52x600M


Product Description:


1. Transmittance of the film and clarity 
     This is the car used in the film about the most important traffic safety performance, recommends that users are advised not to select the low degree of transparency film, window film, especially the front windows on both sides of the membrane, should be chosen in the transmission of more than 85 percent more appropriate.



2. Insulation properties 
     The rate of window insulation film insulation is an important indicator of performance.



3. Explosion Performance 
     This is also involved in another important safety performance. Explosion-proof high-quality film itself has a strong toughness, broken glass after the capsule will not be flying Nianlao wounding, and strong performance of its impact.



4. UV-blocking rate 
     High-quality film, this indicator is generally not less than 98 percent, up to 99 percent higher. UV-blocking high rate can effectively prevent the vehicle were an excessive amount of ultraviolet radiation, burns skin, but also the protection of car stereos will not be drying bad.



5. Colors 
     According to color and body-loving individuals to matching the colors. Usually shallow green, blue, gray, brown, natural color, and so more comfortable on the eye color.



6. Durability 
     General regular film manufacturers have a high quality guarantee period, usually five years.




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